Vastu for Home – Gruha Vastu – Basic Vastu Tips for House

Vastu for Home House Basic Vaastu Entrance Facing East Tips.  We give reliable all home vastu suggestions. This is the best source for vastu for house consultants. Call us now for basic vastu for home. Without proper vaastu you cannot grow faster in your career. We speak with you about the home entrance. This is very important. We will focus on vastu bedroom ideas.

Vastu for Home

To grow your “vamsa”, you must take care of bedroom vaastu. Here we give reliable remedies and vastu for home plan completely. Priority for Poor and Needy people. It’s important that you have to take care of the house that is vastu for house facing east. We give complete vasthu for reliable results for all the people across the world.

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Kitchen vastu is said to be important as per vaastu vedas. The Vastu Directions For House you stand or sit while preparing food for your family, you must follow in a specific direction. In olden days there was no such vaastu for the kitchen has been taken care of. But Now we must be alert on kitchen vastu that helps you in your health and growth in the whole family.

Vastu for Bedroom

Could be positioned anywhere in a building.  For masters of a building, South West is desirable for exercising greater control.  Other members could be accommodated in a series starting from South West.

The bedroom is another place which improves the “vamsa”. It is the place where you sleep and relax with your family peacefully and this should be in a proper position and direction. Vastu for Home in vastu sashtra suggests us to know how bedroom should be properly placed in the home. the proper positioning of the bedroom and location of electronic devices and cupboards bed location and direction, colors for the walls and door position etc will give complete tension free and relaxed nights for your family.

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Study Room in any home is another part where your children spend a lot of time. This room must open to nature on one side at least. so the children get new thoughts and ideas. Avoid dim lights and make sure it has proper ventilation to the study room. Avoid toilets in the study room and ask your children not to sit under beams. Many other tips I can provide based on individual family.

Vaastu for Pooja room

Leaving North Eastern corner idle, pooja room could be constructed any where.  Raising a platform or mandir in the northeastern corner of a building is disastrous, it takes away the peace among the occupants.  Facing of East or West is preferred for pooja too.

Pooja Room should not be very adjacent to your bedroom or directly in your bedroom. that is a bad idea of your Vastu for Home. You must not let the gods sit on the floor directly, you should make arrangements to situp on.

Coming to Toilet and Bathroom, to fit the door, suggested walls are east or north. Toilets are not good in the middle of the home. keep your kitchen far from your toilets. Entrance and Main Door Should be aligned with super care. positive and negative energies will enter into your home depending on the facing of your entrance door.

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So, for all these kind of vastu tips and suggestions, you must consult best vastu consultant. We are helping many families by providing Vaastu for their homes with great study and research.

Vastu for Bedroom is such an important thing. This is because the stressless place where you can sleep without any negative thoughts. This helps the family to relax and get the mental piece. Many people do not get sleep properly. So, the place and direction of the bedroom must be chosen.

Vastu for Drawing Room

It is another place where you have to take care of. The children and elders create new drawings with great ease. You should be in every piece of mind while drawing.

Vastu for Dining Room is another important thing. This is the area helps you in sitting closely. And have tasty food for a while. Every day you sit in this place and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is the best place to improve your health. If this is not in the good direction and place, your health will not be good and faces several issues.

Vastu for Children Room should be very fine. Children are our successors and they should read and study the subjects very carefully. The vaastu for children room is discussed very carefully.

Vastu for Kitchen

The kitchen could be either South East or North West corners of a building.  But never should be away from those corners, nor in the middle of the building.  Cook should face either East or West but not the South.

This is another place where you should be careful about. The housewife must stand in a Vastu Directions For House that supposed to be. Take care of this kitchen that helps you in cooking good food.

Vastu for Pooja Room is very important. If you do pooja every day, even though you don’t get good results.

Vaastu for Toilets:

The positioning of toilets always could be in South East corner, mid-West, mid-South, mid-North or mid-East.  But never in the corners of North East or South West.  The SEAT/COMMODE whether Indian or Western should face north and south but not east and west.

Other important areas of your home:

Vastu for Stairs

Vastu for Study Room

Vastu for Doors

Vastu for Plots Shapes


The positioning of a house: Leaving empty space all the4 sides between boundary walls and a house is desirable.

The leftover space should be in the descending order of North, East, West, and South but not otherwise.  The periphery of a house should be either in square or rectangular and every other shape is wrong.  A slight increase in the northeast corner is permitted. The excess increase is not permitted.

Well and Sump: Well or Sump should be only in the northeast corner of a site.  But should be independent of the boundary wall.  The level of the upper surface of a sump should be on par with surround floor level.  In case of an open well, the well should be open to the sky without any hindrance, nor well should be covered with any lid.  Covering of well results in madness to the occupants of a house.  Even if a well is to be discarded or closed after performing a pooja filling the well with soil, a Tulasi plant should be planted.  The closed well also should be left open to the sky.  Open well in northeast corner diminishes, the ill-effect of any Vaastu defects if any.

Septic Tank:-  Little away from the south-east or north-west corner only permitted but not others. ( Both the eastern wall and Northern wall should be intact). For having a septic tank in either of these two corners sinking of a sump in the northeast corner with greater depth than a septic tank is the must.

Toilets: For toilets too either north-west or south-east corners are suitable but not others.  Both eastern wall and northern walls should be intact.  If required southern and western walls could make use of for raising toilets.  The slope of the roof of toilets should be towards either north or east.  The commode or seat in a toilet should face north or south but not east or west.


Either South East or North West only suitable for the placement of overhead water tank of the building.  Never opt for North East corner, as it ruins every resource.  In a mistaken view, considering overhead water tank as a weight, placing the OHWT in the south-west corner, results in the occurrence of operations and sometimes selling of the property too.   In this subject too, we take greater pains in explaining this concept, as the majority think otherwise.

FLOORING: Whether terrace or floor, always South West corner should be higher in level and northeast corner should be lower in level.  Even for South or West facing buildings, this principle stands well.  Drainage collection point should be northeast from there, the exit of flow should be through south-east for a south facing house, North west  for West facing properties.  But under any circumstances, South West should not be used either for collection or exit of drainage.  This results in ill health.

Positioning of Doors: / Gates:

As shown in pictures, the positioning of the doors should be as explained under.

On the Eastern side Northern half is preferred on the Southern side, compulsorily in the Eastern half, but not in Western half.

On Western side only in Northern half but in the Southern half.

Northern side: Only in the eastern half but not in the western half. The arrangement of doors in a line desirable.  Even if the doors are not in a line the doors could be in different lines, but one door should not intersect the other door.  The sizes of all the doors could be in uniform size,  is always to avoid any confusion and problem.  Regardless of the facing of a property for example even for an east facing property, the southern side door should be larger and beyond that, a gradual reduction of sizes of the doors towards the north is to be observed.  Likewise, on the Western side, the door should be larger and smaller that towards east. To avoid confusion and problems it is desirable to maintain all the doors in uniform size. The total number of doors should always be of even number without zeroes 2,4,6,8,12,14,….so on.

WINDOWS : Similar to doors, the same principles apply to windows too. Windows should be in a line without any intersection and the total number of windows should be of even number but without zeroes at the end of a number like 2,4,6,8,12,14……et.,

Stair case : Staircases are of two types ( 1 ) Inside a House   ( 2 ) Outside a House.  Shapes of a staircase could be anything like “ L “ shape or “ U “  shape.  ( 3 ) Straight  ( 4 ) Circular etc.,

For any type of staircase ascending should be either from East to West or North to South.  Steps should not obstruct the doors.

Staircase could be constructed in any of the following locations of a structure.

  1. Mid West 2. Mid South 3. South East 4. South West 5. North West.
  2. South East Stair Case :
  3. The staircase should not touch the eastern compound wall, could touch or rest on the southern compound wall.
  4. If the staircase is outside the house, it is necessary to ensure that the roof of the house covers the stairs. Ensure that roof of the structure in the northeast corner doesn’t lag behind if the staircase is in the South West Facing House or North-West corner.  Under any circumstances, the staircase should not cross the halfway mark of the eastern side of a structure/house.

North West : a) Staircase should not touch the Northern compound wall and could touch or rest on the western wall.

  1. The roof on the northern side should be in the line with the staircase. The structure should be either in a square or rectangular shape.
  2. The Staircase should not cross the halfway mark of northern measurement of a structure from the north-west corner.

MID WEST : The staircase could be in Midwest If the staircase is inside the house there are some limitations.  The staircase should not go beyond half the length of the south-west room.  Health, wealth, growth in the jobs and politics would be earned.

MID SOUTH : Staircase in the mid-south  will also usher into good wealth, business, vehicles etc., If the staircase is to be inside the house.  The staircase should not go beyond the halfway mark of the room of South West Direction Vastu.

SOUTH WEST : Staircase in the South West Facing House/ corner should be observed with various points mentioned here.  It is must to construct the staircase up to the rooftop and a cover is also to be built over the staircase.

Scientific analysis on Vaastu:

  • Earth Crust: Magnetic character.
  • Sun’s Magnetic Power.
  • Earth’s rotation and spin rotation.
  • Effects of Stars and Grahas
  • Individuals horoscope
  • Human tendency both good and bad.
  • Wind Vastu Directions For House and reasons.
  • Creation of the universe.

Earth’s Magnetic Power:  Having greater mass and elevation the northern side attracts and drags from the Southern side. Magnetic waves travel from South to North.  Houses, hills and everything is pulled towards the north constantly.  That is the reason why a human being loses both mental and body balance resulting in cardiac cancer, Nerves related diseases could come. Mental weaknesses, lethargy, anger, sadism could also come.  So, while sleeping never head should be towards the northern side.

In order to overcome the northern magnetic power. In a house, North should not be possessed with weights and made lighter with longer empty space, wells, doors, and windows.  And in Southern side lesser empty space lesser doors, windows and should be heavy.

Loads arrangement order:

South East should be heavier than North-East and lighter than South West.  Likewise north-west corner should be heavier than northeast and lighter than the south-west.  Being the lightest corner south-west corner should be the heaviest.

Hence Vaastu is totally scientific and rational.  Like any other science, Vaastu does have so many unknown & uninvented things in it.  For our ignorance & incompetence, terming Vaastu as myth is not only a mistake but dangerous too.  The relevance of Vaastu is for everyone on this earth planet cutting across all religions, regions and any other division.  Like Astrology, Ayurveda, and Yoga, Vaastu applies to everybody.  Rather all these sacred sastras are, one-way evidence for the existence of God and Dharma the path adopted by us for reaching the god, is nothing but the truth.