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Holistic and Humanly Apporach

A family vastu consultant in Hyderabad/ Any part of the Globe, need to be engaged  on the lines of a family doctor and a family auditor for a happy life and for overcoming any challenge. The honourable supreme court pronounced that the astrology was a science. Vastu is an integral part of the astrology. When astrology takes care of a single individual, vastu takes care of a whole family.
Vastu has got its origine in vedas, Mayasabha in Mahabarath, Ayodya in Ramyana and many more references, validate the vastu. Without giving any room to caste wise divisions,sacrifices etc.,and with a rational,holistic and humanly approch, happiness could be ensured to every human being, cutting across all geographical,ethnic, religious, linguistic and caste divisions.

Empirical evidence

Based on the vastu orientation of a site/structure, the affects on the occupants/owners, are told by a good vastu consultant,similar to an astrologer’s predictions depending upon a heroscope. Obviously the remedies also will be result oriented. So the vastu is observed even outside the india.

The rationality of vastu also colud be understood by a fact that vastu applies to the whole universe alike, just similar to the concept of the god , as omni present and omni potential,cutting across all the geographies,ethnics,languages etc..

why do wait further, rush to a good vastu consultant in Hyderabad or any part of the globe for defeating the agony and improving the happyness.

My Experience

sampath kumar vastu consultant

My Guruji Kasinadhuni Subrahmanyam Garuand Myself

(world renowned)

I am able to give predictions to the satisfaction of my clients wherever i go. Simultaneously with simple ,practicalable remedies, excellent benfits, were derived to all of my clients. Otherwise i would not have  remained as a vastu consultant and would have been some other consultant fulltime, relevant to my academics. The credit goes only to “vastu shastra” and my guruji a world famous,”Vastu Brahama”titled Shri  “Kasinadhuni Subrahmanyam Garu” but not to me.The fruit’s of this great vastu should go  down to under privileged groups of society.Right from a common man to a person of high echelon should meet a good vastu consultant (vastu consultant in Hyderabad) at least,when some challenges are faced, only to become victorious. I make myself available for that cause. An appeal to developers of real estate , in particular, is to, observe the vastu as it does not incur additional expenditure, no space loss,no delays ,but only enhances salability,profits and loka kalyanam.



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